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Hirose Suzu and Hiroki Narimiya join the cast of the upcoming drama of NTV "Kaito Yamaneko" starring singer Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN. The actors Sasaki Kuranosuke, Nanao, Yukiya Kitamura Otsuka Nene and also appear in the series.

As reported earlier, Kazuya Kamenashi plays the main character Yamaneko. It is a mysterious figure who steals money from people and companies who commit evil acts through brilliant tricks, exposing their wrongdoings.

Já Hirose Suzu as Mao Takasugi, she is a high school student and genius hacker who uses his skills to help his father, while Hiroki Narimiya makes the story of a magazine called Katsumura Hideo which is investigating cases committed by Yamaneko.

"Kaito Yamaneko" premieres on January 16, 2016.

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