One Piece: Burning Blood, would have an edition espécial in Japan

Bandai Namco announced that there would be a limited edition of its new game, One Piece: Burning Blood only of sale in Japan, the special edition will go for name, “Anison Sound Edition”, and it would include 21 musical topics of One Piece including the OP of the series of Anime and which might be used like fund music in the battles.

Its price will be 10.600 Yens for PS4 and 9.800 for PSVita and they would be only available in physical format, while the basic edition would have a price of 7.600 for PS4 and 6.800 for both physical and digital PSVita in both editions.

The first copies will include a code to unload to Luffy version the Fourth Gear.

One Piece: Burning Blood would release on April 21, 2016 in PS 4 and PSVita in Japan.


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