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事件 / Event / Evento: 2017海南国际旅游岛动漫文化博览会

Hainan International Tourism Island Animation Culture Expo

日期 / Date / Fechas: 2017年2月17-19日 / February 17-19, 2017

位置 / Location/ Lugar: 海南省海口市国际会议展览中心

Haikou International Conference and Exhibition , Hainan Province

入院 / Admission /  general: 预售票40 元现场票45元

Pre-sale  40 yuan on-site  45 yuan




Introduction: To create an animation culture carnival season for the activities of the form, the accumulation of animation production, research and other areas of business, experts and industry elite to participate, and through the  animation results, explore the new form of animation entertainment economy, Called the new format of Hainan animation. To a variety of channels to expand the animation as a function of entertainment products and forms, highlight the "animation to make life more interesting and better" vision, to better promote the international tourism in Hainan Island animation culture.

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