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事件 / Event / Evento: 2017成都ComiDayCD19

日期 / Date / Fechas: 2017年3月4日-5日 / March 4-5, 2017

位置 / Location/ Lugar: 四川省成都市非遗博览园

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, non - heritage park

入院 / Admission /  general: 

官方網站 / OFFICIAL WEB: 预售票40 元现场票45元

Pre - sale  40 yuan on - site  45 yuan










  本届申请成功ONLY——【Love Live Only】、【阴阳师Only】!









  宣传图作者 @凤龙矢

  【doujin is love】

[CD19 time and place open!] March 4 -5, non-left Expo Park!

# Support and benefits #

[Community relief] starting or outside the province to enjoy

[Official consignment] independent community stalls, specialized publicity, worry and effort

[University support] to help promote the creation of rice is your wings!

[Official logistics + warehouse] can let you   battle! Official logistics related news will be held on January 15 after the end of the public!

【Hotel accommodation + dining】 Line 4 along the  evaluation! Community dining support contact! (Details follow-up public)

# Organizational activities #

【ONLY】 open offer offer open!

This application is successful ONLY - [Love Live Only], [Yin Shangshi Only]!

Welcome more interested in joining the community!

Please  forward to follow-up!

[College]  exclusive , joint planning platform!

Find and integrate into their own camp it! (Please  forward to follow-up details)

# In-house interaction #

[Game encounters] prehistoric  chaos open! In the big stage and fate of the base guy war pain!

[Karaoke OK] want to be on the shame  live; full of karaoke OK meeting! There are colleges and universities in particular war!

More exciting  forward to follow-up!

Publicity  author @ Feng Long vector

【Doujin is love】

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