Anime Explosion R2 2017 - Manila, Philippines, March 11, 2017 

Pangyayari / Event / Evento: Anime Explosion R2 2017 

Petsa / Date / Fechas: March 11, 2017

Kinalalagyan / Location / Lugar: Ever Gotesco Manila Plaza

Tiket / Admission /  General: - - - 


Let the anime in you come alive! We are bringing Anime Explosion back again at Ever Manila Plaza. This event is a tribute to the first ever cosplay event in the Philippines.

Where is Ever Manila Plaza?

It is right along CM Recto  and near STI Recto and University of the East Annex. It is walking distance from LRT 2 Recto .

What’s going to happen at Anime Explosion R2?

– ANIHenyo (can you remember old school animes? Join and win prizes)

The event is free admission and also accept booth exhibitors and concessionaires. For those who want to be part of the event as an exhibitor,  or concessionaire please e-mail

* AniOke
Sing to your favorite old school anime song and get a chance to win Php1,000.00. The list of songs that can be performed can be from any anime listed in the old school anime or any  Japanese song from 1999 below.

Only 15 participants will be accepted.


1. AniOke Champion – Php1,000 Ever Gift Check
2. Best in Old School Anime – Php3,000 Ever Gift Check
3. Best in New Generation Anime – Php1,500 Ever Gift Chek
4. Best in Mecha/Armor Anime – Php2,000 Ever Gift Check
5. Best in Western and  – Php1,500 Ever Gift Check
6. Best Kids Cosplay – Php1,000 Ever Gift Check



1. Those who want to join can PRE-REGISTER at
2. We will raffle off exclusive items to those who have pre-registered  and have attended the event.


1. Costumes and characters which already won in Anime Explosion Reborn last 2016 will no longer be allowed to participate.

2. Old School Anime cosplay will consist of Anime which had been aired and popularized in the Philippines includes as follows:
* DragonBall Z
* Slam Dunk
* YuYu Hakusho
* Flame of Recca
* Hunter X Hunter
* Fushigi Yuugi
* Evangelion
* Card Captor Sakura
* Rurouni Kenshin
* Hell Teacher Nube
* Lupin III
* Ranma 1/2
* Saber Marionette J
* Voltes V
* Zenki
* Daimos
* B’TX
* Inu Yasha
*  Knight Rayearth
* Sailormoon
* Knight Hunters
* Time Quest
* Pokemon
* Mojacko
* Get Backers

3. The term “anime” refers to Japanese made animation.

4. Best in New Generation Anime and Best in Mecha/Armor Anime can be from any genre or can be genderbend as long as they are anime.

5. All non-Japanese anime will fall under the category “Best Western and Game”

6. “Best Kids Cosplay” refers to cosplayers who are age 12 and below. They can however opt to join other categories.

7. Any type of costume are welcome, be it cloth, rubber sheet, fiber or others.

8. There is no disqualification whether you won or not in previous competitions.

9. All National Officers of Naruto Cosplayers PH are disqualified from joining the competition and this includes not only the Top 4 main officers but everyone including Chapter Presidents.

10. No member of the staff or organizing committee will be allowed to participate in the cosplay event competition.

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