Hideaki Anno already works on his next project.

Shin Godzilla's executive producer, Akihiro Yamauchi, appeared at the Awards ceremony, Kinema Jumpo, to receive the prize for best writer, instead of Hideaki Anno. During the speech, he mentioned that Anno is already working on his next project. What he said is this:

"I apologize to everyone who expected to see Hideaki Anno! As you know, Anno is a man of few words, so everything he would have said would be, " thank you". He puts all his soul into what he create, So if you have seen your films I am sure they have seen them once or twice more.He is already working on the next project. "

But what is the project he's working on? Anno had mentioned that he felt ready to continue working on Evangelion, having finished his work with Shin Godzilla, and also mentioned that he was interested in a sequel to Shin Godzilla .


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