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事件 / Event / Evento: 2017长沙第15届ACC动漫展

Changsha 15th ACC animation exhibition

日期 / Date / Fechas: 2017年4月29-5月1日 / April 29 - May 1, 2017

位置 / Location/ Lugar: 湖南省长沙市湘才国际会展中心 

Changsha City, Hunan Province, Hunan International Exhibition Center

入院 / Admission / Entrada general: ¥45


 ◆ CP默契大考验
  ◆ 拼图大赛/扩列礼物漂流瓶
  ◆ 公主抱大赛

◆ CP tacit test
How to sing a song? A person's game is how, how lonely ~ ~ game is to play with a small partner only enough to taste! Love to pull their own small friends together to participate in the game! Registration, followed by NPC set the number of points check the task, you can get beautiful gifts oh ~ ~ ~
◆ Puzzle contest / extension of the gift drift bottle
ACC animation show one of the classic game, quick snack reward game - jigsaw puzzle, a group of three can register, each person from the staff to receive a copy of the jigsaw puzzle at the same time, the first to complete a small partner can The snack will be admitted to the mouth friends ~ ~ ~
ACC animation exhibition one of the classic game, unlimited gift exchange game - extended gift drift bottle, a small partner after admission can be prepared by their own small gift together with the card to the staff, and receive receipt. Diffuse at 15:00 pm the same day, with the receipt to return to the staff at the collection and your fate gift ~ ~
◆ Princess hold contest
ACC animation show one of the classic game, diffuse routine show (NUE) grace (GOU) love (JIE). Live stage registration, not limited to gender, but the princess height of not less than 1.4 meters, on the stage to complete from the single dog host "abuse", adhere to the last to get beautiful gifts Oh ~
The 15th Changsha ACC Animation Show
Time: April 29, 2017 - May 1, three days oh ~
Location: Hunan Fuxing Road 168, Hunan talent market
Diffuse exchange QQ group: 175623889 (a group) 119656202 (two groups)
Official microblogging: @ ACC animation exhibition _ through culture
Official QQ: 5787039889

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