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事件 / Event / Evento: 2017宁波第二届特色文化博览会·Switch On 2.5次元甬动 

Ningbo Second Characteristic Cultural Exposition · Switch On 2.5 times

日期 / Date / Fechas: 2017年4月15日-16日 / April 15-16, 2017

位置 / Location/ Lugar: 浙江省宁波市国际会展中心5、6号馆

Ningbo City, Zhejiang International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 5, 6

入院 / Admission / Entrada general: ? ? ? 


  完成度 3分:对舞曲的理解,动作的协调性及准确度,姿态的控制与律动
  整体度 3分:团队整齐度,协调性等。
  现场发挥 2分:选手的现场状态,作品完成情况
  形象 1分:整体服装发型等与舞蹈的契合性
  创新 1分:鼓励选手增加原振付以外的动作或者原创振付等
  vol 2.Cosplay邀请赛

【Entry Requirements】
1. The entry must be a pan ACG related track
2. The total length of the entries is no more than 5 minutes (can be burned)
3. The number of participants will be two or more (non-individual race)
【Application Notes】
1. Join the activities of the house dance competition group 622425036
2. Download the registration form in the group file and fill it as required
3. Venue: No. 5-6, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center
4. Match time: April 15, 2017
Evaluation Criteria
Completion of 3 points: the understanding of dance, action coordination and accuracy, attitude control and rhythm
Overall 3 points: team uniformity, coordination and so on.
2 points to play: the scene of the players, the completion of the work
Image 1 points: the overall clothing hairstyle and dance fit
Innovation 1 points: encourage players to increase the original vibration to pay outside the action or the original Zhenbao and so on
A total of 10 points, divided into five single points, scored one after the decimal point.
【prize settings】
Champion: $ 3000 + certificate
Runner-up: 2,000 yuan + certificate
Third order: 1,000 yuan + certificate
Vol 2.Cosplay Invitational
The tournament is to invite the team in the form of the final invitation to Ningbo almost all colleges and universities animation. I do not know whether anyone remembered last time the major community debut of the game, it is June 11, 2011 Ningbo animation festival, blink of an eye is six years passed away. Even the party stage in the form of a show, it should be traced back to December 2013.


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