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事件 / Event / Evento: 2017株洲四祭漫动漫庙会季

Zhuzhou four sacrifice diffuse temple temple season

日期 / Date / Fechas: 2017年6月24日 / June 24, 2017

位置 / Location/ Lugar: 湖南省株洲市芦淞区金轮国际会展中心

Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province Lusong District Jinlun International Convention and Exhibition Center

入院 / Admission / Entrada general: ¥35


带上cp,带上基友,准备闪瞎你的眼…(捡个肥皂什么的也是可以的) 室内场有空调,就算烈日炎炎也不怕.
  ◎预售票35元/套 (内含:门票1张(刷卡门票),金额随机优惠券1张)

Take the cp, bring the base Friends, ready to blaze your eyes ... (pick up a soap can also be what) indoor air conditioning, even if the scorching sun is not afraid.
◎ map in hand, even Lok is also happy.
Creative game stalls, so you simply can not stop, kimono, fishing goldfish, angry birds, cut watermelon ... ... let you personally into the second world of the world, the temple scene one by one to restore.
◎ a large number of animation around the sale, hand, tweaking, posters, bookmarks, postcards, jewelry, COS props and so on.
Tickets hot pre-sale
◎ pre-sale tickets 35 yuan / set (included: 1 tickets (credit card tickets), the amount of random coupons 1)
Tickets are single-day tickets, 1 ticket can only go to one day, the day can be unlimited access. [Is the recruitment of tickets on behalf of Oh, you can contact the sister QQ875198335]
Four worship, stage performance passion recruitment, as long as you love animation, love ACG, to show your enthusiasm, to bring the audience visual feast. Stage play, dance, group dance, personal cosplay catwalk, cover, come and take me to fly with me. So that you hi all over the day ~ If you do not feel enough to play enough! Not happy enough, November 11.11 Flower crossing cosplay Ka Lianhua can continue to meet ~ Calendars prepared a beautiful gift and activities in Zhuzhou Zhongheng Gymnasium [old gymnasium]
Meet you ~ waiting for your arrival ✧9 ('ω' *) و ✧ What Mody?
Tickets on behalf of the application QQ: 875198335
Four Souvenir Chang Zhuantan Manchu Official Group Number: 55612673

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