Meowgaroo Jumpsuit, a very catty costume!

Do you know the Meowgaroo Hoodie?, a sweatshirt with cap, ears and paws of Cat and that it also has a bag type kangaroo, where you can place your cat and to take it with you, because as a simple sweatshirt it doesn't seem to be enough for the winter season, the makers of Unihabitat bring their new design for sale, the MeowgarooJumpsuit, a complete suit of Cat, in a single piece, cap, ears, cat's tail, kangaroo bag for your kitten.

What most stands out of this beautiful garment it continues being the bag type kangaroo where you can place your cat and to take it with you.

The costume comes in two presentations, black and white to match the fur of your cat.

And for if you worry about the quantity of hair that could be inside the costume, don't worry, since their interior cover comes off to be able to clean it with a small roller that removes the fur of the kitten. 

The costume is really very comfortable regardless of the position in which you lie down, of course, fits to mention that if he goes to bed face down, it is not advisable that you carry your kitten in the bag if you dont want to squash it. xD


But, you ask yourself; "¿when I need to go to the bathroom, I have to take it off?", the answer is, NO, since costume features a back closure, which will allow you to go to the bathroom without having to take off your costume.

The suit has an approximate price of 70 dollars.

¿Do you want one?

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