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Child star Kim Kang-hoon is constantly establishing his name in the industry, and his new role in the upcoming drama Racket Boys adds a new range of acting to his portfolio.

The SBS sports drama Racket Boys follows Haenam High School students who are aspiring badminton stars. To pursue their dreams, they must constantly face challenges and persevere in the fiercely competitive youth athletic tournament. It stars Kim Sang-kyung (Miss Lee) and Oh Na-ra (Chip In) as coaches, and young stars Tang Jun-sang (Crash Landing on You), Son Sang-yeon (Failing in love), Choi. Hyun-wook. (Taxi Driver), Kim Kang-hoon (Mouse), Lee Jae-in (Undercover), and Lee Ji-won (The Uncanny Counter) as badminton players.

In the teaser, Kim Kang-hoon takes center stage as he transforms into his character Lee Yong-tae and hilariously answers some interview questions. The video begins with Yong-tae confidently walking into the auditorium in his sports outfit and his racket. When asked about his most hated words, he replied, "I hate hearing words" during my day "lately", and complains that he doesn't like hearing old people complain about how he was back in his day. When he is asked about new recruits, he says that they become ungrateful when they start doing well. When a group of students walks in and greets him, his face changes and he says, “Hey, freshmen! Don't even know how to say hello correctly? "He then proceeds to tease them and unconsciously uses the words that he hates the most to lecture them.

Racket Boys will air on SBS beginning May 31 at 10 p.m. KST.

Studio Dragon, the company that brought to life world-class, award-winning dramas such as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017), Crash Landing on You (2019-2020) and It's Okay To Not Be Okay (2020), is currently working on a new drama based on a webtoon.

According to a report by Korean media outlet YTN, Studio Dragon is partnering with Sung Yong-il, director of the 2019 school thriller Class of Lies, for the drama adaptation of Duty After School, a popular manhwa (Korean comic) written by Ha. Il-kwon which was serialized on Naver Webtoon in 2012. Screenwriter Lee Nam-kyu, who wrote the script for the 2019 melodrama The Light in Your Eyes, has also joined the production.

Duty After School is a sci-fi suspense story that follows the seemingly inevitable apocalypse of the world when mysterious purple orbs appear from the sky and create chaos everywhere. To help combat these dangerous orbs, students are recruited from across the country to help the military defend the country. As more and more people die from their encounter with enemies, the students are forced to bend over backwards to survive.

Comic book writer Ha Il-kwon is loved for his great storytelling, as seen in many of his works. In 2008, he won the Rookie of the Year award at the Korea Comics Awards for his debut work "Sambong Barber Shop," which was published during the same year. His other works include "God of Bath" (2011) and "Annarasumanara" (2010), which is now in production to be the Netflix original series The Sound of Magic.

Duty After School, aka After School War Activities, is looking for its cast. Although an exact premiere date has not been set yet, the drama is aiming to air next year.

More than a party that marks the rite of passage from one year to the next, Seollal remains a special celebration. In the Korean calendar, 2021 is represented as the year of the white ox symbolizing prosperity and hard work.

For three days, the celebrations of the first day of the lunar calendar move the Korean people. This year they run from February 11 to 13, celebrating the start of the year of the white ox.

Each year is represented by one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, which take the form of twelve guardian animal deities known collectively as Sibijisin. The year 2021 is known as Sinchungnyeon ("Sin" means white and "chuk" means ox) or "The year of the white ox". The ox, the second animal deity of the Sibijisin, is associated with the image of honesty and hard work.

The tradition that runs through Korean history has Chinese influence. Although he does not have detailed records of the beginning of his practice, it was already evidenced in the Book of Sui of Tang. Where the first stories of Silla and Seollal were already described, it manifested as a celebration.

Over the years, some of the many practices experienced in the Lunar New Year have been reformulated. While some members of the family move to the houses of their ancestors; others have decided to live this moment in their own cities or even in other countries. The days of preparation of the food served on the date and the delegation of tasks are also being adapted. Some restaurant and restaurant chains are investing in this type of service. Offering more convenience to serve different audiences during the Lunar New Year celebration period.

2021 - Different celebrations

For this year of the ox, there will be no special program in museums or tourist spots and most will remain closed. The Korean government has also recommended that people avoid moving to meet their families in other cities and experience Seollal at home. Likewise, there are rules on crowding and control of people in shopping centers.

With the arrival of a new year, what everyone aspires to is the promise of the arrival of good morning surrounded by good energy. And so, the figure of the ox could not be more attractive.

Datum / Dates: 29 juli–1 augusti

Plats / Place: Linköpings universitet

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NärCon är ett helt unikt event. Det är en alkohol- och drogfri festival där du skaffar nya vänner, cosplayar och spelar spel tillsammans. Det finns över 700 aktiviteter, från föreläsningar och scenshower till lekar och turneringar, men det är den sociala atmosfären som NärCon verkligen handlar om; det är en mötesplats för alla med nördiga intressen.


NärCon is a completely unique event. It's an alcohol and drug free festival where you make new friends, cosplay and play games together. There are over 700 activities, from lectures and stage shows to games and tournaments, but it is the social atmosphere that NärCon is really about; it is a meeting place for everyone with nerdy interests.


NärCon es un evento completamente único. Es un festival libre de alcohol y drogas en el que hacen nuevos amigos, hacen cosplay y juegan juntos. Hay más de 700 actividades, desde conferencias y espectáculos teatrales hasta juegos y torneos, pero es el ambiente social de lo que realmente se trata NärCon; es un lugar de encuentro para todas las personas con intereses nerds.

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