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Datum / Dates: 29 juli–1 augusti

Plats / Place: Linköpings universitet

Biljetter / Tickets:

WOfficiell Webb / Official Web:

NärCon är ett helt unikt event. Det är en alkohol- och drogfri festival där du skaffar nya vänner, cosplayar och spelar spel tillsammans. Det finns över 700 aktiviteter, från föreläsningar och scenshower till lekar och turneringar, men det är den sociala atmosfären som NärCon verkligen handlar om; det är en mötesplats för alla med nördiga intressen.


NärCon is a completely unique event. It's an alcohol and drug free festival where you make new friends, cosplay and play games together. There are over 700 activities, from lectures and stage shows to games and tournaments, but it is the social atmosphere that NärCon is really about; it is a meeting place for everyone with nerdy interests.


NärCon es un evento completamente único. Es un festival libre de alcohol y drogas en el que hacen nuevos amigos, hacen cosplay y juegan juntos. Hay más de 700 actividades, desde conferencias y espectáculos teatrales hasta juegos y torneos, pero es el ambiente social de lo que realmente se trata NärCon; es un lugar de encuentro para todas las personas con intereses nerds.

Fechas / Dates: March 20, 2021

Lugar / Place: Holiday Inn Knoxville West- Cedar Bluff Rd

Boletos / Tickets: $3

Web Oficial / Official Web:

We are very happy to announce we will be going forward with Knoxville AnimeDay (special edition) this March 20th!
We will be strictly adhering to the following safety guidelines:

* Masks will be required for all attendees.
* Mandatory temperature checks
* Limited room capacity
* One-Way traffic
* Social distancing

After the success of their singles "Gurenge" and "homura", and which are the themes of the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Series, LiSA will perform an acoustic concert. Under the title "LiVE is Smile Always ~ unlasting shadow ~", the concert will take place on February 22, 2021 (Sunday). The concert will also be broadcast online internationally.

Fans in Japan had the rare opportunity to see a more tender side to his performances when he announced a nationwide acoustic tour in early 2020. However, the tour was postponed and subsequently canceled, but replaced by a one-time limited tour. seating show, at Tokyo's Zepp Haneda with renewed repertoire and content.


Long before the acclaimed "Souls" franchise, which brought FromSoftware worldwide recognition, it already had fantastic titles that distinguished itself from other games on the market. One of them is a forgotten pearl from the PlayStation 2, overshadowed by the release of Resident Evil 4 at the time. A Survival Horror title that was heavily criticized at the time for its slightly slow pace, excessive recoil, and heavy controls when it comes to movement and character combat. However, if all these details are not a problem for you, dear readers, we guarantee that you will find a phenomenal experience at: Kuon.

Kuon bases his narrative on well-known ancient horror tales like Kaidan. This is a game with a macabre and dark story and some chilling moments. The same thing happens during the Heian period, where the player controls three different characters who eventually cross paths while exploring the Fujiwara mansion, in which the game takes place. Mysterious creatures of evil rituals roam the site and will be the biggest challenge for anyone who has the courage to venture out to test the game.

 Corpse Party

Although not the scariest game on this list, Corpse Party can be considered a classic in Japanese horror games. It was originally released in 1996 and subsequently received a new version for various platforms.

Corpse Party presents several puzzles and mysteries to solve with a huge probability of taking a wrong step and being killed by the spirits of the Heavenly Lost school. Each chapter of the game also has several possible endings, offering the player a rich variety of exploration possibilities.

Deadly Premonition

What happens when you mix horror and comedy in a game with such poor mechanics that it even seems to have a purpose? They end up having one of the dumbest and most original horror games ever.

Deadly Premonition is a horror game in which an FBI agent travels to a city in search of a serial killer. The gameplay is pretty bad, but the story makes up for it by being incredibly good and fun, full of old movie references and cliché moments to enjoy at the right time.

A classic for several reasons, Deadly Premonition should be recommended to anyone looking for a different experience than what they expected.

 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

If you are looking for something different than what you are playing, Curse of the Moon is ideal for this moment! A clear homage to the classic NES Castlevania games, more specifically Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, with a dark theme full of demons and vampires, clunky controls, great pixel art, frenetic music, high difficulty and much more.

Please note that the game is extremely short.

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