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واقعہ / Event / Evento: 1st Karachi Carnival 2017

تاریخوں / Date / Fechas: 2017 مارچ 5-3 / March 3-5, 2017

مقام / Location / Lugar: Karachi

عام داخلہ / Admission / Entrada General: - - - 

سرکاری لنک / OFFICIAL WEB :

After Succesful execution of 1st Islamabad Carnival ( ,

The Carnival in Collaboration with LEOPRO presents 1st Karachi Carnival 2016 having variety of fun filled activities and unlimitted f and entertaiment for kids, families, students and professionals. This three day event will have the following activities:

-Food Arena
-Art Exhibition
-Pyara Pakistan Photography Competition
-Painting competition (Kids/Beginners, professionals, non professionals )

-Games (Ring & win, Treasure hunt, Scavenger hunt & many more.
-Cosplay (Costume play)
-Kids & Family entertainment (Magic & laughter show, Thematic face painting, mehandi & nail art, fire juggling show, live puppet show, fire dance show & many more)

-Sky Lanterns & Peace support ceremony
-Cultural performances (Kalash & Hunza sword dance )
-Dance performances (Bhangra, Jhomer, Khatak, Leva, Mystic)
-Instrumental performances ( Dhol, shahnai, jori, Rubab, Violin, Saroz, Flute)


For Stalls: 0321-8840881

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