5 Doramas from China that may interest you.

5 Dramas from China that may interest you.

Numero 1: My Amazing Boyfriend

After four hundred years of sleep, a mysterious man awakens in a totally unknown world to face an old enemy. Will their superpowers be enough to safeguard their new love? The drama is starring the Korean model, Kim Tae Hwan

Numero 2: Memory Lost - 美人为馅

Two crime investigators know each other and discover that both have suffered memory loss for several years. Are they somehow connected by the same mystery? Meanwhile, they form a duo to fight crime to investigate a series of unusual crimes.

The exciting drama of romantic mystery is adapted from a novel written by the popular author of crime novels, Ding Mo.

Numero 3: Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Adapted from the novel written by a Chinese forensic expert in real life, the fascinating drama follows a team of three charmingly abrupt forensic teammates who specialize in gruesome and strange mysteries.

Numero 4: Nirvana in Fire 2

The long-awaited sequel to Nirvana in Fire, one of China's most acclaimed martial arts doramas, was released in a web-based format. It turned out to be very popular among the spectators who were impressed by the new heroes and the new story that is linked to the original drama. All costumes, glamorous or modest, are carefully made with fine details that are consistent with the sober and stylized style of the original series. Will there be a Nirvana in Fire 3?

Numero 5: The Mystic Nine - 老九门

This Dorama skillfully combines intrigue, mystery, treasure hunting and passionate romance. It stars William Chan (Lost Love in Times), Zhang Yixing (Lay) and Zhao Li Ying (Princess Agent).


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