Hanok Stay - Stay in a traditional Korean house

Have you ever imagined staying in a traditional Korean house? Then you know the Hanok Stay.

Hanok is the term used to describe Korean traditional houses. The Hanok Stay are traditional Korean houses where you can stay.

Also known as living museums, the Hanoks have in their design and structure the history of ancient architecture and Korean society.

By choosing to stay at a Hanok Stay, you can experience a bit of traditional Korean culture, as they have antique furniture, paper windows and ornaments such as soy jars.

In addition, some houses offer various programs for guests to experience a bit of Korean culture through the performance of tea ceremonies, pottery making and traditional Korean folk games.

Most of the Hanoks are centenarians, but they went through renovations to offer a better comfort and security to their guests.

Many of them have electronic devices and bathrooms in western style, but if you want to experience something completely new, you will also find Hanoks with traditional bathrooms.

Currently the Hanoks are preserved in their own villages, the most famous being those found in Andong and Jeonju.

Do you want to stay in a Hanok Stay? Check a list of places!


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