Teaser Trailer of "Kasane", with Tsuchiya Tao and Yoshine Kyoko

The actresses Tsuchiya Tao and Yoshine Kyoko will star in the film adaptation of the manga "Kasane" by Matsuura Daruma. The film will be directed by Sato Yuichi.

Fuchi Kasane (Yoshine Kyoko) is the daughter of a beautiful and legendary actress. Despite being a talented actress, Kasane is not attractive and goes through difficult times. But the girl has a lipstick left by her deceased mother who possesses magical powers. Whenever she uses lipstick and kisses someone, she ends up having that person's face. Meanwhile, Tanzawa Nina (Tsuchiya Tao) is a beautiful actress with precarious acting skills. She knows Kasane and their destinies change.

The film will premiere on September 7 in Japan

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