Another cosplay hangout! 2018 - Sídney, Australia, May 20, 2018

Date: May 20, 2018

Location: Hyde Park
Elizabeth Street, Sídney 2000

Admission: - -- 


Hey guys it’s time for another cosplay meet up before all the cons start up, so dress up as your favourite character or a new cosplay so you can test it out or just wear an old one to get more photos ahaha anyway I hope you can all make it!

If you don't want to cosplay you don't have to but I would love to see as many people as we can in cosplay to spread our happy cosplayness across Sydney

Please remember to clean up your rubbish at the end of the meet or when you leave as I don't want us to set a bad name in the cosplay community. Thanks

Also don't forget to have a great time! And invite your friends! 

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